About Aesthetic Wakeskates

In 2011 we introduced the first Aesthetic Wakeskates to the UK and the world, they have always been good quality wooden skates with graphics appealing to most types of skater.  This year there have been some large improvements to both the shape and design of the skates as well as the processes used to apply the graphics giving the skates a durable rail base.


Aesthetic Wakeskates is run by brothers Ben & Terry Hannam along with Jess Farrell (Ben’s better half!). Terry has been UK Wakeskate National champion multiple times and was one of the first riders to take wakeskating seriously in this country.  Ben has always been at the forefront of the UK Wakeskate competition scene being co-founder of the Thinktank Jams as well as importing Goodwood wakeskates with Jess for many years before we started producing the Aestheic skates.  Jess is one of the only female wakeskaters in the UK to have ridden in the old Harbour Project skate jams and Thinktank.


As a company run by riders for riders, we are constantly testing the skates and coming up with different ideas on ways to improve your ride, we think you’ll be happy with the changes we’ve made for 2013; great snap off the water, fun graphics and a longer lasting rail base will help you push yourself whatever your level of riding.